What is Game-Based Learning and How is Your School Implemented Gaming into the Classroom?

Game-based learning has been the buzzword of the past few years in education. It started out with video

What parents should look for when considering a change of schools for their child

Isn’t school supposed to be a great place for our kids to learn, grow, and thrive? This is not necessarily true for the majority of students.

Empowering today…for tomorrows challenge

The National Education Policy 2020 gives a lot of emphasis on coding and 21st century skills. In this world of digital revolution, coding plays a major role in developing

Convert Ethereums ETH and United States Dollars USD

Content Latest Crypto Market News Ethereum to US dollar exchange rate today at 20 July 2022 Our applications are powerful, easy Ethereum Gas Fees Users can easily buy Bitcoin and […]

Facebook Ai Project Halted After Bots Invent New Language

Google Translate moves meaning from one human language to the interlingua, and then translates the interlingua into the target language. Ironically, the Google AI developed for their Translate feature, Google […]

Bitcoin Exchange Owner Laundered Millions Of Dollars

Content How To Buy Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Lost Through Intrusion Or Hacking How Much Does It Cost To Buy One Bitcoin? How To Buy Bitcoin Without Fees Conclusion: Bitcoin To […]

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